Aled Treharne on October 9th, 2006

So the time has come. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I mentioned that I was looking at various blog-serving software. I have Decided. I’m going to be moving away from Livejournal to WordPress running on my own site. This is going to allow me more flexibility and power for doing StuffWhichIsCoolTM, […]

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Aled Treharne on October 4th, 2006

I’ve resigned from the ATC. There have been a few things that have brought this on, but most of them are fairly simple really. Two things stand out. First of all, time. On top of a 9-5.30 (and then some) job, I volunteer for: Mountain Rescue, SARDA, ATC, First Responders and occasionally the Guide Dogs […]

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Aled Treharne on October 2nd, 2006

We’ve just had a message from Huw. Last night’s misper has been found safe and well – more details on Thursday night I suspect. Also, this one’s made the BBC.

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Aled Treharne on October 2nd, 2006

I was just settling down last night, in fact I had gotten one foot under the quilt when the pager went off. Knowing my kit was in order I got dressed and rushed off to find that we had an honest-to-God mountain search – a missing male walker in his 50’s had not returned from his […]

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Aled Treharne on October 1st, 2006

I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend. Friday night I spent in the company of  et al and we ended up, somewhat unsurprisingly at Charleston’s. A cracking good night out. Saturday was mostly spent sorting the car’s brakes out and  and I were twiddling with them up in base until around 1900. The reason we did […]

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Aled Treharne on September 28th, 2006

Paranoia is part of my job. I’m supposed to be paranoid, that’s how I stop security breaches. Someone once answered the question “Is that too much paranoia?” with “It’s not paranoia when you know they’re out to get you.” The problem is that it fuels my insecurities. I’m so used to imagining worst-case scenarios at […]

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Aled Treharne on September 28th, 2006

For the first time in ages, today I had cheese and Marmite sandwiches. So imagine my surprise when I heard over the radio that it was World Marmite Day today…or not: Female presenter: …and today is World Marmite Day. <pause> Male presenter: [guffaw] Er, I think you misread that… Female presenter: What? It’s World Mar…Marm…Maritime […]

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Aled Treharne on September 26th, 2006

I didn’t even get out of the office this time. This was an informational message from the police – we were supposed to be attending a training day with them tomorrow, but it’s been cancelled “…for operational reasons.”

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Aled Treharne on September 26th, 2006

Here we go, no details yet, but I’m off to pick Christian up.

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Aled Treharne on September 26th, 2006

Over the weekend I, along with around 200 other mountain rescuers descended on Lancaster University for the biennial Mountain Rescue conference. We had some fascinating talks, including visitors from ARCC Kinloss (where SAR helicopters are tasked from); a FltSgt from RAF Lossiemouth who talked about the Sea King that went down in the Cairngorms last […]

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