Well, that was a bit quieter than was expected…by ourselves as well as pretty much the entire city.

South Wales police reported that it was quieter last Friday than a normal Friday night. The ambulance crews in the Millenium Staduim drank lots of coffee and dealt with the few incidents we were called to – we only had 3 jobs on our vehicle all night.

I got called last night while in Cardiff to work an ambulance shift for Mid Glam. The highlight of the shift until midnight was the free hot mince pies with cream we were so kindly served by the staff in the canteen at the hospital. Nomnom. We managed to finish them off before we were called onto the one job of the night.

This is of course, a Good Thing. People were sensible and remained uninjured. Hooray.

Let’s see what the rest of my shifts bring this Christmas.

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