I haven’t been on a decent holiday abroad since…well, since I bought the house. That may be a coincidence…

Anyway, Sean and I have been planning a trip to Italy for a few months now and it’s almost here. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave work and drive to Cardiff to pick Sean up. The next time we’ll see the house, we’ll have drive through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, a bit of Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

I am, understandably, somewhat excited. Internet access has been sorted despite Vodafone being useless – thankfully, 3 are targetting users wanting some decent data rates at the moment, so I have a 3 SIM in my laptop’s built-in 3G card. It’s PAYG so I won’t come home to a £300 phone bill and it means that I can keep a record of the trip on my blog.

I’m just waiting for clothes to dry now and hoping the weather will last…

Update: Track my travels on Dopplr

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4 Responses to “Roadtrip!”

  1. joan ludbrook says:

    Hi Aled
    Im new to your blog following a link from another blog, so im working thru your blogs,
    just want to say have a great hols

  2. Aled says:

    Thanks – we’ve been looking forward to this for ages, so I’m really hyped.

  3. Flash Bristow says:

    Hi Aled. Just a quickie to ask if you got the email I sent you about speaking Welsh! Cheers, Flash

  4. Aled says:

    Yep, sorry about not replying. Hope my answer was useful. Pob lwc!