So I’ve had my Go 740 for a few weeks, how’s it going?

Pretty good. It’s re-routed me a few times because of traffic on the M4 – this morning for example, with an accident closing one eastbound lane at J29, it took me an alternate route. Given that my journey is nominally 40 minutes, it was reporting a 30 minute delay and when I passed the traffic on the M4 it was stood still. I got into work 7 minutes late.

It does have limitations though – the M4 Severn Bridge is a bottleneck and if that was closed there’s not much it can do to re-route me. It’s managed to get me to callouts sucessfully, to find locations via Google search results and take me there….all in all, I’m very happy with it. I do think it’s worth paying the £8 per month for the extra services, it turns it from just another navigation tool into somethign quite exceptional.

It has had a few problems though – random crashes from time to time, though it recovers within about 30 seconds and jumps straight back into the thick of it. The latest software won’t let me run the unit from TomTom Home – that’s really frustrating because there was no warning of that on the download and that’s how I add my route corrections. Still, no show-stoppers, a cracking navigation unit.

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