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Weather warnings (with thanks to the Met Office)

I’m checking my kit. It’s that time of year where wet thigns don’t dry so well and so I’m making sure that my kit is all set. But I have a reason for it. This is the view of the UK according to the Met Office this evening. Those areas not in green are expected to receive snow tonight – we’ve had the first suggestion of a flurry around here, but the wind is whipping it around, so right now the roads are clear. 

In the past when heavy snow has hit the Welsh valleys, it’s made life difficult for a country that doesn’t handle snow well and we’ve been asked to help the other emergency services. We have 4×4 vehicles and IM Prints T-Shirts suitable for spending periods of time outside not only in snow but in very cold weather – something that’s going to be pretty prevalent for the next few days.

So tonight, just in case, I’m preparing. Fresh water in a clean drinking bottle. Clean and dry clothes. An appropriate selection of clothing. Flask. Fresh batteries. That kind of thing. This is how I’m spending my Sunday night – and I assume there’ll be a few other people across the country doing the same tonight. Preparing for the worst – hoping for the best.

What are you doing tonight?

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2 Responses to “What are you doing on a Sunday night?”

  1. I’m trying to warm up. We went out for a walk in the snow and I managed to have several layers on my upper half, but forgot thermal trousers. So my legs are currently wrapped up in my Schmangle, getting toasty again.

  2. James says:

    Pretty much the same thing. I’ve got the car fueled, batteries replaced, full of my cold weather gear. So far we’ve only got what looks like a heavy frost though.