Every year the Mountain Rescue team get together and have our Christmas party. It’s a bit of a tradition that we stand down for the night and celebrate the year in good spirits – and one of our traditions is the dishing out of appropriate awards to celebrate the funnier side of Mountain Rescue life.

I’ve won a few awards in my time. Some good, some not so good, some funny, some serious. I won a penknife in the team a few years ago for my attendance at incidents. I won the “Kermit the Frog” award at my last job for a Friday afternoon mishap that was categorised as severe “muppetry”.

Tonight I won two awards. The first was the “What the sh** was that?!” award for going above and beyond the call of duty in rescuing a casualty as we crossed the range in an international archery championship and stopped the competition in order to rescue a young lady.

In addition to that, I won a second award – this one was the “Phwooar!” award for a “most convincing display of flirting with a member of the Royal Family”. In my defense, I will say I wasn’t flirting, though it might have been a different case if it had been his younger brother….

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One Response to “Royal award?”

  1. Bronchitikat says:

    Congratulations. Good thing you stopped the Competition & not any arrows.