It’s been a long weekend and mostly without Internet. I was up in Aberystwyth all weekend spending time with Sean. It was a nice weekend, even though we spent all of Saturday working on Sean’s latest production. Last weeks’ interview with South Wales Police went well – I hadn’t heard anything by the time I left on Friday, but I always leave before the first post anyway. I did come back to good news today though – I had a letter saying that I’d passed the interview stage. I also had a phone call today saying that they wanted more information in order to process my security clearance – I filled the form in down in Bridgend, so some of the information was a little patchy. Nothing major though.

Of course, being away over the weekend and spent much of the end of last week tied up in the evenings, so when I came home tonight, I had a stack of things to watch on TV, notably two episodes of the Bill. It’s quite interesting to watch – a double episode covering an 8 year old girl who goes missing. They eventually find her body and so far, the killer looks like it might be a 10 year old boy. What’s really interesting from my perspective, quite apart from the storyline, is watching the initial process of someone being reported missing. Eventually there’s a big search in an area of undergrowth – very reminiscent of what we do when we search for a missing person. Eventually they find a body and the programme then follows on where we stop – the investigation and arrest. It’s quite interesting – one of the areas of police work I’m most interested in is search management and dealing with missing persons, so with my application to the police progressing, I do hope at some point that I get to be involved in this kind of work.

Anyway, back to the Bill…

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