This week I have been studiously not working. That, however, is fine, because I was not at work, I was in fact doing something that has been recommended to me, something I’ve heard is quite fun – this thing called a hol-i-day.

Figuring that time was running out for Sean and I to have a break this year, I booked some time off (just a few days) and we packed the car and left. We had a vague plan – some friends in Betws Y Coed and my sister on Anglesey, but beyond that we could do anything. We packed a tent and everything we’d need just to pitch up for a few nights, filled the car up with diesel and headed off, L-plates stuck on the car and Sean firmly behind the wheel (and me in the passenger seat feeling very nervous). Crib Goch

We started off well with Sean driving quite well. However, it rapidly became apparent that we had to get to Sean’s mother faster than he could reasonably be expected to drive so we swapped quickly and set off up to Llangorse where she was attending a singing camp. Glorious sunshine greeted us as we arrived at what was in fact a very waterlogged campsite but the sunshine boded well for our trip. Toddling off up towards Brecon we hit the A470 and after stopping for tea and scones at Builth Wells, Sean drove us up to Betws Y Coed where we stopped overnight. Over dinner we made our plans for the morrow and the plan we’d decided on was something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time – Crib Goch. However, it wasn’t to be. As part of The Plan, I decided that a weather report was in order. The MetOffice however scuppered our plans (well, I suppose they didn’t themselves…) with a report of 55mph gusts on “exposed ridges”. I think Crib Goch qualifies as that. So we changed our plans and headed into Betws Y Coed instead. It turned into quite a nice day and we ended up taking a drive up through Pen Y Pass and down into Llanberis. A quiet bite at the famous Pete’s Eats and we headed back up to Pen Y Pass where I took the two pictures above. The top one is of Crib Goch from the back of Pen Y Pass. The bottom one is of the weather report as it was at the entrance to the cafe. Standing there taking the first photograph, I have to admit, I was glad we hadn’t attempted the ridge – I had to use a nearby wall to steady my hands in the wind and it would have been significantly stronger at the top.Weather report

After a few days around Betws, we headed up to see my sister. It was good to see the kids again, although my sister ended up feeling quite ill, so we spent some time around the house. Despite the lack of walking, Sean and I had a great time. We spent the entire time with limited internet access – at some points with limited access to any kind of communications at all. I barely fired up my computer – no work for any of the organisations I work with. Absolute bliss.

We drove home today – well, Sean drove a fair bit of it. He’s getting pretty good, though he’ll need some more practice before he goes for his test. I’m relaxed, unwound and ready to get back to work tomorrow. What more can you ask?

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4 Responses to “Not working”

  1. Bronchitikat says:

    Went on a Biology field course at a centre in Betws y Coed in my ‘A’ level year, many, many years ago (when ‘A’ levels were worth something!).

    Very pretty place, if kinda damp.

    Glad you both had a good break, you need to get away sometimes. I know, tell you about it!

  2. At least you could *see* the top of Crib Goch. The weather report always lies up there. (Although to be honest, I’m flad it was merely cloudy and wet when we did it – wind could have made it lethal)

  3. CS_P says:

    Well the weather in Snowdonia has been the wettest I can remember in living here for 20 years. This summer a fine day has been a very rare find

  4. Colin says:

    The weather in Snowdonia this year has been the wettest for 20 years , the time that I have lived here.