Last September I blogged about a search that we had in Tycroes in West Wales. According to the BBC the case just reached court.

Some of the things in that article are quite rough to have to read. The violence with which he beat her seems unbelievable given that while we were searching it rapidly became apparent that she was a warm and friendly woman who was generally a happy and bouncy person. While that sounds a little stereotypical of what someone says after this kind of event, I’m sincere in this case – when you search for a missing person you have to find out a lot about them, facets of their life that may not be apparent to their nearest and dearest. The police will collect information from a variety of sources to build up a complete picture about a person so that we can more accurately predict where they are.

In this case however what stuck in my mind was just how friendly and warm people said she was. A very sad outcome, but gratifying to see that the police managed to get enough evidence to arrest him.

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