First responders seems to be quietening down at the moment and Mountain Rescue’s getting busier!

We’re up to our forty-something-th callout already this year – we’re well on track to be amongst the busiest teams in the country and this weekend’s contributing heavily to that number. Last night, just after midnight, while Sean and I were just winding up a long-needed clearout of the enormous piles of crap I have in my office the pager went off. With my hayfever going mad this year it’s triggering asthma which isn’t a good thing – especially when I’m going to be heading out with the team!

On the way to base we heard the details – we had a search for a misper down on the Gower – an elderly gentleman with dementia. He’d gone wandering and though we spent quite some time searching, we couldn’t find a trace. With the sun rising, the police stood down for a few hours for a shift handover and we headed back to base with the pagers announcing that the search was continuing. I was heading for bed.

This afternoon we’ve had a request from South Wales police to help recover a body. That’s going on at the moment and on top of that the search is continuing in the Gower. Another busy weekend for us. I’ve been catching up on sleep and preparing for tonight – a first responder meeting to go over any clinical issues we’ve had recently.

Anyway, more office to clean…

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One Response to “Busy, busy, busy”

  1. Jon says:

    Oddly enough, I never got any of the messages overnight relating to the Gower search… ironic really, as I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening down there. First thing I knew was when I picked up the messages for the nant ddu shout and there was one about the search on the Gower continuing…
    Then again, I didn’t get the normal test messages on Thursday evening either—time for some test messages to see what’s happening, methinks.