Sorry I’ve been quiet recently but the last few weeks have been pretty chaotic. Today, however, deserves a post of its own

First of all my car died. I ended up renting one for a week, followed by borrowing one from a used car dealership that was able to get me out of a very difficult situation, but that’s a different post. Finally, I managed to find a new car – a nice shiny red VW Golf estate which has impressed me a lot. I’m loving it.

So in my nice new car I was heading to base this morning, not to work and for once not to a callout. Meeting at base at 1000 we set about to prepare ourselves and the base for today’s event – a royal visit.

Meeting Prince William

At about 1400 today, a number of cars pulled up outside base and out stepped Prince William. As the news reports, he was visiting a number of places in the valleys and stopped off to see us as his final visit of the day. We had some fun prepared for him – some hobnobbing with the local dignitaries, a light lunch and then change and head up to Morlais Quarry where we took him to the top off the cliff and he got to lower someone down a cliff – I don’t think his protection detail would have been too amused by my idea of lowering him off the edge of a cliff, but nevertheless, we had some great photo opportunities. It was a great day with fantastic weather and we all thoroughly enjoyed.

That’s when it all went downhill though, because on the way home, some drunken twat drove into my nice shiny new car and drove off without stopping. The damage isn’t too bad, it was a glancing blow but it’s knackered one of my wheels (it’s bent the actual metal bit) and twatted my rear door and rear wing, and after a drive tonight, I think it might have done something to the suspension or thereabouts. I only managed to grab a partial index – “S633…”, and I know it was a pale blue or silver hatchback – a large one, quite wide. Beyond that, the prick didn’t even slow down – no brake lights. I’ve just got home after filling in a police report which was gratifyingly easy and quick, though the nice young PC didn’t hold much hope of catching the turd, and reckoned he was probably drunk anyway.


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6 Responses to “It started so well and ended so badly”

  1. Jon says:

    *peers at the expression on William’s face*

    You tried telling a joke, didn’t you?


    • Aled says:

      Actually he was looking at the slide show behind me. At that moment, he was looking at a crashed helicopter, which given that he’s a helicopter pilot probably goes some way to explain the look on his face.

  2. Bronchitikat says:

    Shame about the car. Hope it’s all fixed & better soon.

    Shame about Jon not being there too! Somehow I’m not sure scones, even with jam & clotted cream, are quite the same!

  3. Andy says:

    Shame about the H&R by S633… Were his headlights crossed?

  4. That completely sucks about your car 🙁 So far, nobody’s damaged my current one, but we used to have drunks reversing around our old one and new scrapes appearing after the weekend. Not a lot the police could do. Hope you get it fixed up soon.

  5. Bad luck about the car! After JJ, you must be the unluckiest person I know 🙁 Here’s hoping they catch the fscker.