Four years ago I had a bit of a rough time of life. In retrospect, it was for the better, as it allowed me to really and truly reevaluate what I was doing with my life and make several adjustments. In a fit of fluff, I actually even created my own mission statement for myself – something which actually helped and continues to help me focus on what I do in life and where I focus my limited energies. Before I go on, I know that in the technical field I’m in, there’s a resistance against fluffy shit – it’s seen as marketing/sales/management bullshit – which to be fair, a lot of the time it is. However, a mission statement is something I’ve found incredibly worth while – I do a lot of things both in work and out of work. I do, however, have a limited amount of time/energy to share between all of the things I love doing and so this mission statement helps keep me on track – instead of wasting energy all over the place, I focus my energies and time on things that match my core mission. Anyone who’s run a business will appreciate this approach. It’s now come around to that time of year again where I take out the mission statement, look at it, pull it apart and make sure it does reflect what I want from life. Quite surprisingly, although this is the fourth spring that I’ve done this, I’ve yet to change it one bit. So, yeah, there is a section that says “I will stop looking for love, but when it finds me…” – which doesn’t quite fit now that that side of my life is sorted. But the sentiments echoed in that paragraph for me still apply today. It also amuses me throughout how specific some of the wording is in terms of highlighting what’s more important to me. So that’s that for this year. Print it out and sign it now – a hint someone once gave me. You mentally treat things that you sign more seriously. Give it a shot – you might be surprised what an exercise like this brings up.

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2 Responses to “Spring cleaning life”

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m glad your mission statement method works for you, Aled. I have my own method of keeping my life on track but I’ve never bothered to elucidate it for others. But … whatever works, so I’m glad it works for you. Having a goal, verbalising that goal to yourself and to others, and keeping your eyes focused on that goal means you’ll probably actually achieve it.

  2. Lisa says:

    Fantastic post — really got me thinking a bit. Also love the WP theme.