I’ve been quiet since Christmas – it’s been a nice relaxing time.

Sean and I spent New Year down at his mother’s while he finished off his panto run before heading back to Wales via Battersea and his dad. It’s been good to have him around again, the house feels a lot more cosy when he’s here. The guys came for a D&D session and we spent all night playing Three Dragon Ante – no wonder Rich wanted to play for money, he cleaned us all out. I finished reading Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy which Sean bought me for Christmas – what a fantastic series of books. We even went to see The Golden Compass while we were in Stevenage – quite a good adaptation, but it doesn’t go anywhere near far enough in explaining and showing some things. Oh, and with Sean back at Uni he’s left his PS2 and GTA:Vice City and GTA:San Andreas here in the house – which means that productivity has fallen massively here in the house.

Tonight, instead of playing GTA, I decided to catch up on some TV. I’m not a big soap watcher – Sky+ has completely changed the way I watch TV by allowing me to watch series’ as and when it’s convenient for me though, so I have been watching things like CSI (all of them) and NCIS which I enjoy. I also recorded the Christmas lectures. I don’t however tend to watch things like Coronation Street et al, or even Pobol Y Cwm, but one series that I have been an avid fan of from when I was young is BBC’s Casualty. So tonight was a Casualty catchup night and I started with the Dec 22nd episode…and the end of an era. Charlie Fairhead has been a member of the crew for the entire length of the series – 22 years, and in this episode he resigns. A surprise ending, it’s going to be strange watching the series without him. He’ll be one of the characters I remember most – the other being a handsome gay nurse called Sam (Jonathan Kerrigan) – he was in the series during my early college years and I remember working in a gay bar in Cardiff at the time with a really cute guy who was the spitting image of Sam. Ahem.

So indeed. I’ve not been doing much responding lately – especially after falling on my knee on a search last Thursday night – I’ve spent much of this week limping around. It’s getting better now though, I hope to be back and responding to calls with both services by the end of the week. Hope you all had a good new year.

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