This blog has been far to quiet recently, but then I’ve not had time to do much of anything other than work and sleep.

We’re in the week leading up to our first live customers on the system so to say we’ve been busy would like be like calling the surface of the sun “warm”. I’ve been working hard trying to get our voice platform finished. Yesterday and today, I decided to take a little time off – it’s been too long since I had a day to myself. As luck would have it, my DIY plans went out the window when the pager went off yesterday afternoon. I rushed up to base and had myself a little blue-light drive up to Dolygaer Outdoor center in Alpha. There the ambulance service had asked us for some assistance to bring down a mountain biker who’d gone over the handlebars.

With that sorted I headed home with the intention of putting some shelves up. Sean and I sat down to some food and feeling that I still needed to catch up on sleep, I closed my eyes for an hour or so on the couch. Unfortunately, around 1900, I was rudely awoken by the pager and headed off again – this time to the Neath Valley waterfalls to find a missing diabetic woman – fortunately she was found on the side of the road and so we finished that one off pretty quickly. On the way home however, we were asked to respond to another incident – a missing woman somewhere around Pen Y Fan. We diverted from base and headed off. Brecon had already spotted what they thought was her but they were on the wrong side of the valley. Once we got to the Neuadd pumphouse, it was just a matter of heading up onto the ridge and walking the lady down. It was a long day though, ending as it did around midnight.

Today I headed off to WICC to represent the team in a climbing competition – far from being a serious competition, this was a bit of fun. Taking a Landrover and some buckets to collect money down, I met up with Lee and Mal and Louisa. Not being the strongest of climbers, we were somewhat relieved when the piercing sounds of the pagers going off meant that we had to bow out early. Racing away from the climbing center in a blaze of blue lights, we headed through Nelson over to Cwm Carn Forest Drive to pick up another fallen cyclist. A quick assist to the Fire Service and we headed down for a quick ice cream before heading home.

So tonight I will sleep well. Thank God, because I think I need it.

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