This week was a long one. Sean and I spent the week in London getting our servers, network kit and racks all sorted out in a new building site datacenter. Five days of some pretty physical work at times going from 10am through to around midnight on most nights and a few past that left Sean and I utterly exhausted. It’s not over yet though – there’s plenty still to do and it looks like we might have a visit back again next week to finish off. Some apologies to friends in London who we couldn’t spend much time with – it was about 9pm on Friday night before we managed to get to Docklands to say hi quickly. Hopefully I can find more time next time I’m down.

So the weekend has been spent doing pretty much nothing. A bit of food shopping and sorting out clothes happened yesterday – nothing exciting. Today however we’ve been hard at work. Remember how I posted about that lovely bright green I painted my bathroom? Well, those of you who know my house know just how bright that colour is. As a result, I’ve decided to finally get around to toning it down a bit so today Sean and I have been sanding the walls down ready for a repaint. It’ll need a few coats of white to bring it to a nice even colour and then I can try out some testers. Looking forward to this.

Next week is going to be fun and very busy. As we’re putting together various parts of the network I’ll post them up here. It really does surprise people sometimes about just how much thought we’re putting into making this platform resilient – especially the voice side of things.

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