Summertime It’s fantastic weather this week around here, Monday lunchtime, I was sat outside our kitchen, eating my lunch and chatting with a few of the lads from the office in the beautiful sunshine. I’ve even been in shorts all week. Tomorrow I’m (hopefully) off to London to start the build-out of our datacenter space and I’m expecting a beautiful sunny day, sunglasses on and sunroof open.

It occurred to me during that peaceful moment of enjoyment in the sun on Monday that school has broken up for the summer, and with that realisation came a sinking feeling. Kids on holiday, coupled with this great weather following a period of heavy rain will likely have left parts of the Beacons wet, muddy and slippery. Something told me this was callout weather.

So it was somewhat of a non-event when the pager went off on the way into work this morning telling me there was an area call to a casualty with an ankle injury at Bwlch Duwynt. Unfortunately, I have no time to respond to callouts during working hours at the moment, so I had to head to work and follow the incident via pager. At around 1130 the casualty was loaded into a helicopter and taken off to hospital.

So that’s it. I just hope that it’s going to be an injury-free summer. Good luck to those of you heading into the Beacons, hope you enjoy a safe day up there.

** UPDATE: We had another callout tonight – an area search for some missing mountain bikers. We were supposed to be helping the Brecon team, but we were fairly quickly stood down. I hope this isn’t a trend.

One Response to “Predicting callouts”

  1. AdamT says:

    The Beacons were indeed a bit muddy and slippery at the Weekend. I was hiking around them on Saturday. Didn’t manage to injure myself, but I was sorely tempted to cause injury to a fellow hiker after listening to two hours worth of “Fany-Y-Big” innuendo.