This blog has been quiet recently. Very quiet. In my defence, I have been busy – extraordinarily busy. On thr bright side this does mean I have a few things to blog about. Two callouts to start off with, there’s a rant brewing about suppliers and in all that I’ve been told I can blog about what we’re doing at work, so there’s some quite interesting stuff going to be on here shortly I hope.

I keep saying that I’m not going to be responding to callouts at the moment, but I keep getting callouts which I can respond to, so that’s two this week. Sunday we had a search in Treherbert for a young lady. I was picking Sean up from his police training in Carmarthen at the time, so we quickly drove off down the M4 and TomTom brought us almost to control – but the batteries in my GPS mouse ran out about a mile away. I rapidly got deployed in an area with another party while Sean was deployed into the small kitchen area in our control vehicle to make coffee and tea. I headed off with Trig and the rest of the party to here where we were searching along the scree slope. A horrible area as you can see from those contours, we were fortunate since a message came over the radio – the casualty’d been found. A quick trek back to control and some chips courtesy of South Wales Police and we headed home. Job well done. I think Sean had fun as well, since he managed to be useful again, not only making coffee and endlessly filling Les’ cup, but also helping Pete with a trip down to the village as an extra pair of eyes.

Last night I’d just managed to get home when the pager went off again. Quick chat with Sean and I headed off up the valley. Pulling up at base I discovered that we had two dogs stuck in a crevice on top of Mynydd Cilfach-yr-encil. It’s not too far from base and we headed up there quickly in two Landrovers. Extremely glad to see us, the owners of the dogs reported they’d been playing in the heather and Winberries when they suddenly disappeared. A little-known feature of this area are the numerous crevices that seem to appear from between clumps of heather. After some coaxing we managed to retrieve both Beagles from the crevice (naturally the female was far more awkward to get out than the male and wouldn’t listen to a word we said…!) and to the echoes of a very grateful family we headed off.

All in all, it’s been a good few callouts.

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