Where have I been recently?

Oracle SignI’ve spent this last week in Reading. We’re using a billing system made by a company called Portal. Except a while ago Portal got bought out by Oracle and now the product’s had its name changed to “Oracle Billing and Revenue Management”. Snappy title. So I’ve spent a week down in Thames Valley Park in Reading learning how to run this system. it would have been a boring trip except Sean came with me.

So, we got a slightly more homely hotel than the Travelodge and we spent a week together mooching around and just pottering around Reading. It’s not a bad place – I have to admit, it’s not the most exciting of places, but we had some nice evenings down by the river and some decent food. This weekend I’ve been sorting out the house, somethign that needed doing. All this isn’t work….because work is going to take over soon.

We have between now and September to roll out our live system for our triple-play offering. We start testing soon and although Oracle Buildingwe’re progressing well, there’s a lot of work ahead of us. So there’s going to be a couple of things – friends will notice me around less. Mountain Rescue and First Responders will see me less. The Monday night D&D group may get a bit sporadic – Si, you may want to start digging out some of your Firefly stuff.

The good thing is that Sean is spending the summer here – not all of it, he’s got a trip abroad and a few weeks in Herts planned, but he’ll be here for the summer. Woot.

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