I’ve been touched this morning. Oy, you in the back, stop sniggering. Not like that…

I am moved by my muse to write a blog entry. It’s not particularly fascinating, but hey, it’s 0600, what do you expect from this time of the morning.

I’m sat in Aberystwyth, just got up. I’ll be leaving shortly for the 2-and-a-half hour drive to work where my week is incredibly hectic – which is how things have been recently. This is in a good way though, it’s all good, interesting work. It’s just not particularly blog worthy – largely because we haven’t launched yet so corporate secrecy and all that. Um, might chat with Simon later to see just how much I can blog because some of it is quite interesting.

But right now, it’s peaceful. I’ve spent the weekend with Sean relaxing which means I missed a two-stage search for a woman near Fochriw. I have done some work this weekend – getting 7 servers installed (did I mention that I adore Sun kit for it’s remote maintainability?), but nothing strenuous. Sean’s flat doesn’t have the most amazing viewRainbow in Aber – his room faces inwards and the windows facing downhill are blocked by trees, but the picture was looking out of his kitchen window where I saw a fantastically clear double rainbow. It had faded a little by the time I grabbed this image, sorry.

Anyway, coffee’s cold now, and I have to be in work before 9 to greet a chap who’s flow over for the week from…er..somewhere. Amsterdam? North America? Not sure. Oh well, off we go.

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