A fairly uneventful first responder shift on Saturday ended with a bang about 0400 on Sunday with a little old lady with chest pains. I did manage to get back and get another few hours sleep but it wasn’t too long before I was in Cardiff getting breakfast with Jon and Rich before we headed up to the Beacons for a bimble.

We called into base to pick up a radio – it’s a habbit that I’m getting into that I’m sure will really pay off one of these days. Trig was there and we chatted for a bit before we decided to head off. We were just about to walk out when the pager went off.

There was a brief pause before things swung into action. Doors opening, enginese starting, a flood of people arriving. Fallen female in Ystradfellte, leg injury. We swung into action and pretty soon I was heading along the heads of the valleys road on blues. Didn’t take us long to get there, and we headed off down to a valley I’d not been in before. We didn’t take long, the young lady was on the ambulance pretty quickly. We shuttled down the 16 or so others in her group to their pickup point at the pub in Ystradfellte before heading back to base.

Jon and Rich had the joy of looking after base whilst I was away and once I got back, we jumped in the car to head out Ystradfellte as originally planned. Again. Some fantastic pictures (on my flickr site), I’m constantly amazed at how quickly that river rises and falls. We got very, very wet. Which was good fun.

All in all, quite a nice weekend. I have to get out on the Mountain more.

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