I’ve had a cracking weekend. For those of you who remember these things, it was a year ago that Sean and I first met. At this juncture I’d just like to thank my Volunteer Pimp. You did good.

On Saturday morning, after I went to pick Sean up from Aber we headed off to Llanddeusant, where a bunch of us from the team were camping out over the weekend. A few swings of my machete to clear out the over brush will really clear my head, as it always does. A nice little picnic by the river on Saturday was followed by a nice steak and an evening in good company and good beer. Sean and I headed to bed early with the night getting cold and we spent the night in peace in my tent while wind and rain did its worst outside.

Sunday dawned a bit damp and we got up and had some breakfast with everyone before helping those with mansions for tents to pack them up. We headed off home after a while and spent the afternoon sorting out our things. I cooked and cracked a bottle of wine and we eventually headed off to bed about midnight…

…just as the pager went off. This was a search for some missing people on the mountain, but considering I’d already had a few glasses of wine I couldn’t drive, so silenced the pager and went to sleep.

Sunday was a bit blustery and so we headed in to Cardiff to pick Jon up – he wanted to go to Cotswold’s to get some kit. As Sean and I reached the center of Cardiff, the pager went off again. This time it was an area call – in Sgwd Yr Eira. I weighed up the options – we were in Cardiff, it was a Bank Holiday and good enough weather that we should have plenty of people on the mountain. I was more than 45 minutes away, especially with traffic, and from experience I knew I’d probably get there just in time to see everyone leave. So, we carried on, picking Jon up and heading to Cotswolds. As it was, the incident lasted two hours, so I did wonder if I would have had time to attend. More to the point, that’s two callouts I’ve missed…. *sigh*

So Monday night I finally took Sean back to Aber. It’s been a cracking weekend, and Sean got some great pictures. Mark’s put his up already. I like weekends like this one.

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