It’s been a quiet weekend in the house this easter. On Thursday, my man-flu was bad enough that I decided to head down to see the Doc, who diagnosed a chest infection and put me on some anitbiotics. Blech. That rapidly turned into tonsilitis by Friday night and so the last few days have been spent trying to swallow small quantities of warm and soothing liquids and trying to deal with a hypothalmus that couldn’t decide if I was too hot or too cold on a minute-by-minute basis. Indeed, I’ve spent much of the weekend staring wistfully at the glorious sunshine and wishing that I were on the Beacons somewhere.

I even missed our latest callout – we had an area call to a fallen walker just north of Rhayader yesterday afternoon. Not much detail on that one so far, but there’s a few pictures up on the team flickr site.

Today was the first day that I felt good enough to head out to do anything other than buy more Ribena and other throat-soothing items, so Sean and I headed down to B&Q for a quick browse. Lots of talking about kitchens and boilers – let’s hope that the legal claim I have in at the moment will come through soon.

So after a weekend of…well…vegging out, mainly, I’m back at work tomorrow. One good thing about being ill though – I haven’t had a single piece of chocolate this easter.

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