Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been quiet recently. Yes, damnit, I’ve had enough, I want to go on a callout now.

So where am I today? Well, about the time that this will hit the Internet, I’ll be in Lima in central London. Somewhere around Westminster. No, it’s not a rescue, it’s a request for help. What?

3 member of our national coordinating body, Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) have been granted a meeting with the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The meeting is to ask Mr. Blair to give us equivalent funding to that which the Mountain Rescue council of Scotland receive for the Scottish teams.

So where do I come in? I’m going to be helping with a press piece to raise awareness of the issue. There’s already a petition for British citizens and residents here, and I’m sure that I’ll be updating this a bit later on with some links to news sites.

Wish us luck.

3 Responses to “Mountain Rescue and the Prime Minister”

  1. Bronchitikat says:

    All the best, Aled. Just hope TB doesn’t appear to listen, then list a few ‘reasons’ why you can’t get your funding.

  2. Aled says:

    Testing these commentes…