There’s a general superstition in the emergency services over the use of a certain q-word. Indeed, both Lynfa and Sean are known for being “responsible” for a callout having used the said word immediately prior to the pagers going off. Lynfa in particular seems to be the team jinx for callouts. But it’s been…well…y’know…recently. Nothing for a while. Frustrating, especially as I want to practice my newly learned skills.

I spent the weekend in Aber living it up as a student again. Helping Sean out with rehearsals, learning parts of songs to sing along with them and generally giving my input on various parts of the performance was followed by an evening of checap student cocktails at the local student bar – not particularly impressed, they seemed to concentrate more on getting the highest concentration of alcohol rather than taste, resulting in a quite foul tasting Long Island Ice Tea.

We spent Saturday evening popping in and out of a house party to watch the lunar eclipse on the beach, which was fun if a little cold. Sunday was spent recovering and more time practicing lines and rehearsing.

It was a nice weekend – relaxing, if a little hectic. This week is another hectic one with lots of work to finish off before I leave and plenty of things to do outside of work including practicing Sean’s lines with him.

Now if only I could get that damned tune out of my head. “Another openin’ another show, In Boston, Philly or Baltimo’ …”

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