Happy St David’s day to you all.

In other news, everything’s been confirmed with the new job and I’m now heading for the second week of my notice period. I haven’t published the new company’s name for now for obvious reasons, but I’m sure most of you can either work it out or know me well enough to ask. 😉

Last Sunday was the Association annual exercise featuring all four MR teams in south Wales and the Cave Rescue lads. Much fun was had in Trefl quarry on what was a bitterly cold day, and Mal managed to get some nice photos up on the team flickr site.

Next Tuesday Mal and I are off to Bristol to talk to the Bristol Uni caving society about Mountain Rescue – this was organised after this callout to rescue one of the society’s members from a cave, so we’re both looking forward to that. Should be nice to see my old haunts in Bristol again.

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