Aren’t emotions funny things?

Within the space of 10 minutes, I had a fantastic high off a phone call which may be giving me something I’ve been waiting for a few years for and wasn’t expecting for another few years[1]; followed by an incredible low after another phone call telling me my bank had fucked up. Bah. I hate banks.

So last night we had another shout with the first responders. I’d been in the house all day cleaning up and generally getting things ready for tonight’s game when the phone rang. I scribbled the address down. Hang on, let’s check that…yup, across the village.

So off I went to see a retired gentleman with chest pains. Since I had all of about half a mile to travel I was unsurprisingly first on scene. Richard quickly arrived behind me, followed fairly rapidly by an ambulance. Fortunately, these chest pains were looking like a GI infection, so the crew took him in, thanked us for being there, and we left. Job done – not much we can do for people like that really, but I’m sure that it helped his anxiety and his wife’s to see “Ambulance” staff arriving so quickly. We did
give him some Oxygen, which probably did help as well.

[1] This still isn’t confirmed yet, so I’m afraid I’ll have to keep you in the dark for some time yet.

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