Ok, so now I have at first hand a better idea of what Tom Reynolds talks about in his blog.

I was on duty again with the first responders last night. Since Sean’s heading back to Aber for a bit tonight, I decided a nice home-cooked dinner was in order – in hindsight perhaps not the best of ideas. As Sod’s Law defines, the call came just as everything was coming ready, so with a few hurried instructions, Sean was left in charge as I shot off across Caerphilly. I have to admit it was a miserable night, with extremely heavy rain at times. I turned the last corner and heard TomTom utter those wonderful
words “Ahead, you have reached your destination. (pause) You have reached your destination.” I could see the back of the ambulance from where I was and saw somone with reflective clothing cross the road. I pulled up and jumped out.

The ambulance had arrived about the same time as we had. I wandered over to find patient and parent sat in the dry, warm back of the ambulance as we hovered outside trying to stay dry. My colleague and I headed back to the warmth of my car to fill in the paperwork, and after a call to ambulance control, we were done and I could head home to save my dinner from the oven.

What life-threatening emergency drew us out on such a miserable night? Tonsilitis. Apparently, it had been reported as “Swollen throat with partial upper airway obstruction.” I believe the patient and parent made their own way into the hospital, freeing the ambulance up for a more needy patient.


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