I’m writing this offline and I’m going to be posting it later. I’m up at my sister’s for Christmas on Anglesey, and while she has broadband, it’s a USB connection to her computer and I really couldn’t be bothered to set up Internet Connection Sharing on her computer just to run a cable to mine – she hasn’t got wireless anyway, so I’d be stuck in the bedroom.

Not much been happening recently – we’ve all been busy with Christmas preparations. I’m going to have a quiet one this year I think – Christmas up at my sisters’ with my nephews and mother before heading down to see Sean for the New Year.

Thursday my CRB finally came through – amazing that it takes so long to get a piece of paper that says “Nothing”. This means that I’m finally live with the first responders – I’ve got my Ambulance service ID card (amusingly my ID number ends in 007) and I’ve told the woman who does our scheduling that I’ll be available for scheduling in January.

Tonight is going to be a well-planned military operation – getting the kids out of the way while my sister and her husband play Santa. The boys are 9 and 7, so still young enough to believe in Santa.

Anyway, off now to help my sister get some CDs into iTunes so she can wrap a Christmas present. Merry Christmas y’all.

2 Responses to “‘Twas the night before Christmas…”

  1. Flash says:

    Have you seen how this comes out on planet? ” Iâ™m” rather than “I’m”…

  2. My Right Toe says:

    your rss is borked by the looks (see planet uknot).