So the time has come. I need to upgrade from php4 to php5 – mainly because Sean’s bitching at me, but I kinda wanted to do it for a while and PHP5 is fairly stable now. So, I head on over to the ports tree and see what’s what.

Right, so there’s a php5 port. Let’s see, “portupgrad php4” will give me the latest version of 4. “portupgrade php5” will say go away because PHP5 isn’t installed, and “portinstall php5” will tell me that php5 clashes with php4.


After a big of digging around, I find this post on the freebsd-questions list. Absolutely perfect – I didn’t know that portupgrade could do that. So basically you tell it “upgrade this package (php4) but use this (php5) as the origin for the upgrade”. First thing you see is portupgrade telling you that the package name has changed…and off it goes.

One apache restart later, and it’s miraculously all working.

Sweet. I like FreeBSD ports.

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