Just as I was walking out of the office door on Monday night, the pager went off. Missing elderly lady down on the gower.

I was very tired having spent Sunday night driving Sean home, getting to bed around 0130 and then getting up at 0500 to drive back to Cardiff from Sean’s on Monday morning. I’m also on a tight diesel budget. I was very tired. Oh, and I had the D&D group on their way around. And I was tired.

Did I mention how tired I was?

So executive decision made, I headed home. Traffic was heavy in rush hour and about 5 minutes after I got home, the standdown came out. Huzzah. In retrospect, very much the right decision, I was too tired to be of any use, and potentially would have been dangerous to drive.

Last night I went to WICC again where Lee gave me a few pointers and made me climb until I fell off. And then climb some more. Until the point came when I physcially did not have the strength in my arms to make a fist. Or undo my laces. This morning I’m aching less than I thought I would, but it’s all good. 2 and a half hours of climbing, excellent workout. So I need to work on my back – I don’t have the strength there that I should do – time to talk to a few friends about what exercises I need to strengthen the right muscles there then I think.

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