Gah. I missed a callout this morning. Mal has already blogged about it, and the BBC even have a news article about it. It looks like a good call too, and being that close I would have been pretty much almost first on scene. Now I’ve been a bit less forward about attending callouts lately because with having to use personal diesel, and with Christmas approaching, I’m running out of money that I can justify using on Mountain Rescue. But this one I would have gone on.

So why didn’t I?

My pager was accidentally on vibrate. Our pagers have a “silent” function which is activated by holding down a certain key for 2 secs. Occasionally, they turn onto vibrate when they’re accidentally pressed against something during the course of Life. As a result, it was merrily vibrating away downstairs whilst I was peacefully sleeping upstairs.

Bugger. How pissed off am I…

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