Friday night Simon came back from London for his leaving do – yup, he came back to leave. So after a nice night out I headed back to Mal’s with him and Louisa and grabbed a piece of couch. Hardly had I fallen asleep it felt like, when the pager was going off. Bugger I thought, this had better be good…

Missing 10 year old girl. We’re needed to back up the Bridgend team who’d been out all night. Yeah, ok, so this one’s serious. I headed across Cardiff to pick up my car and in the early morning took some very peaceful photos. I got to base around 0500 and prepared my kit. It’s a long journey down to Haverfordwest where the girl was missing, even on blue lights, and I settled in on the back seat to see if I could get an extra few hours sleep.

Once our briefing was done, the eight of us got ourselves radios and high-vis jackets and headed out around town to try and find the girl and talk to people to see if they’d seen her. She’d been missing from the night before and weather (according to the BBC) had been “awful”.

After a few hours of searching we stopped for breakfast at Tesco’s in Haverfordwest – many grateful thanks to the duty manager and his staff there on Saturday who were wonderful to us. We carried on searching as more media got involved to try and publicise the girl’s details.

“All stations, all stations from search control, hold your position.”

A call came through on the Inspector’s radio – they’d found a girl matching her description. A few moments later details were confirmed and we were on our back to the police station. Once everyone was happy and the media fed with their information, we had a quick bite to eat at Tesco’s again and headed off home – another 2 hours’ kip for me before we got back to base.

Saturday, one of the lads from the team got married and so to the evening party we went after being disappointed by losing to New Zeland at rugby. We had a great evening – the band was fantastic, and the atmosphere was great. I did feel a little out of sorts though without Sean being there, but other than that it was a great weekend.

Yesterday was spent prepping for tonight’s game – Friday’s night out managed to bag us a new player – I’ve met Si before and chatting to him on Friday he was interested in coming along so we’ve got our third experienced player in the group. Add in Louisa and Jon and we should be sorted. Woot.

2 Responses to “Missing!”

  1. James Davis says:

    Haverfordwest, that’s a long way to go. Almost home for me =)

  2. Simstim says:

    Thanks for coming along on Friday, it was a bit of a shock seeing so many people there. Si mentioned he might be joining your group when we were shifting my stuff to London on the Saturday, use him as reference for d20/D’n’D as he’s a walking rulebook.