Whoever said they wanted an interesting life? I could really do with a boring one right now.

Life has been rather hectic recently, what with some major changes at work (I now have more control over my time and scheduling; Judy has a better idea of what it is I do daily). The car has had a new tire and a new hub bearing although the camber looks as though it’s really badly out which needs dealing with. I was raided by the police, Sean’s been down for a week, Mal broke (and mostly fixed) his car…

Yeah, so you noticed that one. Yes, I can now say that I have experienced Gwent Police’s ability to execute a search warrant. I WAS at work when they broke the door down, but Sean wasn’t poor thing. I had a few words with the officer in charge and once they realised where the cockup lay, they quietly removed themselves. I can’t say too much about it in public at the moment, as I’m going to be issuing a complaint against them and asking for them to make good the damage they did at least.

Sean spent the week down here which was wonderful – an empty house is not very nice to come back to, and it was nice to have a hug when I got home. The central heating finally gave up the ghost – looks like the timer’s gone, so it’s manual control for now until I get a replacement timer fitted. Looks simple, so I’m not expecting any hiccups other than the £50 odd it’ll cost me in materials.

The Cthulhu game in Cardiff is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, since Simon, our GM, has gone to London for a new job. We’re having a whole day event to finish off sometime in the new year, so I’ve taken up the reins as a GM for my first campaign, and we’re goin to be running a classical game in a world I created based around Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain and the Mabinogi. Last night was the first session and so we have a Bard (Andy) and a Paladin (Mal). Aaron looks like he won’t be able to make it because of his new job, but Louisa, Mal’s missus, and Jon from work are interested, so I have a Ranger, a Rogue and a Fighter for them to decide which one they want. The group at the moment are on a moor with a heavy storm approaching (lightening causes 1d10 d8’s of damage if it’s a direct hit…owch…). The only shelter is an old tor once used as a fortress and burial chamber. What will they do?

There was a callout on the weekend, which the BBC mentioned, and Mark put up some photos on the team flickr site. I missed out on this one as I was stuck in work at the time. Poo.

Hopefully, with my life becoming a little more boring now, I’ll have more time to update, so it’ll be back to the usual random stuff.

2 Responses to ““May you live in interesting times…””

  1. Elaine says:

    Hopefully, with my life becoming a little more boring now, I’ll have more time to update, so it’ll be back to the usual random stuff.

    The irony I find is when I have something interesting to post about, I’m too busy actually doing it to post about it. And then when things settle down, the things I’m doing are too boring to post about, even though I have the time. (Not that it actually stops me from posting about boring things …)

    Or something like that.

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