So, er, 3 callouts since the last post.

 The first was on Saturday morning at around 0400. I got up and quickly dressed before slapping a flask of hot water together and jumping in the car. Made it to base for Alpha and jumped on with Blackie. The callout was in Bridgend where an elderly gentleman had gone missing. Scant details to start with we started searching our area and finally got some details on the guy we were looking for. Apparently ex-military, I had visions of not finding him at all with his ability to hide, but around 1100, the message came – Simon and Merlin the dog had found him.

So we headed back to the control vehicle where I grabbed a few pics of the scene – I’d had some amazing pictures of the sunrise that morning and I found some nice shots of the scene itself. Insp John Williams was there as well, and managed to arrange breakfast for us in the pub whose car park we’d taken over in the early hours of the morning. Amusingly Dave Cross lived across the street from the pub, but had initially headed for Merthyr when the pager went off. Swinging around and heading for Bridgend police station when he heard the voicebank message, he arrived there only to be told to basically head back to his house and meet in the car park.

So we headed back and I met Dave at my house where he kindly dropped off his old fridge (hurrah, a bigger fridge!), and I tried getting a few things sorted for Saturday night – which was the stag night of Chris the Drugs. Having decided on the Mondeo, I cleaned it out some on Friday and was busy hoovering the back seat when I heard an odd noise. Turning off the hoover confirmed it, it was the pager again.

So, quickly throw stuff in the house and we’re off to Merthyr again. Once again I made Alpha and we’re off down the hill on the way to Barry for a missing elderly lady, blue lights and sirens blaring. Before we reach Abercynon, we’re stood down, and we head back to base. Excellent timing, I jumped back into the car, headed home for a quick shower and off to Cardiff for a night out.

The rest of the night was quite uneventful, and much fun was had by all as we ate in Charleston’s and got drunk in Flares. I have no idea what time we hit Mal’s place, but I was utterly exhausted having had about 3 hours sleep the night before and promptly fell asleep while everyone else was still drinking around me.

Sunday dawned early and I took Chris home before settling down for the day. A quick spin back up Merthyr (I really should think about moving there) to see Mark and family and friends in Mark’s Guy Fawkes BBQ.

Today has been a long day, and I was looking forward to a good session of Call of Cthulhu, until about halfway through the pager went off. Arg. Mal and I jumped in the car, took off for base….only to be stood down just as we turn off the A470. We called into base quickly to say hi and then took off for home.

So another 3 so far this week – let’s see how things progress. I might even get some sleep…

2 Responses to “It’s getting busy again…”

  1. Bronchitikat says:

    Eventful weekend then. Worthwhile though.

    Back to work for a rest?

  2. Simstim says:

    We carried on with Cthulhu after you both left, it was Exposition Central but the group now knows where the Mountain of the Black Wind is…