Sorry I missed the updates on callouts over the weekend what with all the other joy that was going on.

Typically, on the weekend that both Mal and I decided to head to Aberystwyth for weekends with respective better halves, we get two cracking callouts. Very little information on these so far – I suspect more will come tonight in the debrief.

The first was friday night, 3 missing walkers. From information so far, they were 3 lads from the Army who were out on a long-distance endurance hike fo about 14 hours going from Talybont to the Cray reservoir and back again. They hit some horrendous weather on Friday night – one of the lads on the call commented that it was the worst weather he’s been out in. Another said “at times the fog was so thick you couldn’t see your feet never mind the ground around you”. By 0500 the three had been found, exhausted and hypothermic and brought down to safety – again around the Neuadd area, this time they were on the Neuadd ridge itself.

Sunday brought another call – an area cal to a fallen climber.  Nothing at all on this one yet.

Finally, yesterday we had an unusual event – an area search. Search for a missing child over on the Carmarthen fans, we were stood down as we were heading up the Swansea Valley, but on our return we got involved in an accident on the M4 which wasted an afternoon.

More details later.

Still no car at the moment, Merthyr Motor Auctions had a gaggle of petrol cars – not what I was looking for, and I’ve looked at a Mondeo and a Fiesta. I’m going back to see the Mondeo again, see if I can drive it and if they’ll knock the price down a bit, I’ll buy it.

Finally, CRB disclosure certificates have started appearing, though not mine as yet, so I’m expecting to go live in the next week or two. Expect discussions of the cases we see starting to appear shortly, hopefully.

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