Today has been busy.

 I’ve spent most of it training with the Caerphilly First Responders, where we finished off our training, got a few bits of paperwork sorted and did our written exam. Next week we have our assesments. Malcolm came with me this week, and things went spiffingly, so looks like he’s going to be going for his assesment next week as well. The biggest challenge for both of us I think will be to not offer the more advanced care that we’ve been trained to provide in Mountain Rescue.

 Finally got home and I sat down…only to hear the pager go off. So I ran out, Area call in Grwyne Fawr, no details. So I quickly headed off up to base, and was just getting my stuff out of the car to jump into Alpha when the standdown came – apparently the police evacuated using their helicopter. Relax, sit down for 5 and then home again.

 I hope this isn’t turning into a repeat of our callout pattern a few years ago where we had around 15 Sundays on the trot interrupted by callouts – all late evening. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

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