I’ve resigned from the ATC.

There have been a few things that have brought this on, but most of them are fairly simple really. Two things stand out.

First of all, time. On top of a 9-5.30 (and then some) job, I volunteer for: Mountain Rescue, SARDA, ATC, First Responders and occasionally the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. I have a fairly active social life. I do “computer stuff” for lots of people. Last, and most definitely not least, there’s Sean, who’s in Aberystwyth and who deserves more time than I could give him with this lot going on. Something had to go.

Secondly, I’ve been trying to get my cadets out on the hill, however Wing need to see some kind of certification before I can do that. The starting point for these is BELA, then up the ladder we go to WGL, ML(Summer) and then ML(Winter). Beyond that tends to be people who do this for a profession. I have none of these, however I trained for 10 months with the team before I passed my assessment and I have 3 years experience on the team. None of which apparently matters.

So I’ve run out of energy and time for the Corps. Monday night after popping in to see the new commanding officer (not the best of starts for her…) I popped down to Mal’s to chill out for a bit and play a roleplaying game – AD&D, they’re currently in a Cthulhu game at the moment.

I’m going to write up our adventures here I think, perhaps even writing them as first person in-game, though I’ll tag them as such for those of you who don’t care to read about what happens. 🙂

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