Over the weekend I, along with around 200 other mountain rescuers descended on Lancaster University for the biennial Mountain Rescue conference. We had some fascinating talks, including visitors from ARCC Kinloss (where SAR helicopters are tasked from); a FltSgt from RAF Lossiemouth who talked about the Sea King that went down in the Cairngorms last March; talks on various medical topics including analgesia and a drop test of a stretcher with rescue load on various auto-arresting devices used as safeties.

Of course, it was all very fun filled too – I seem to recall abseiling off of a stairwell, with one of the barmaids having a go as well (don’t worry folks, plenty of safety measures including a safety line) and I do believe that we finally finished drinking on Saturday night at about 0530.

Back from the conference I had a meeting of the Caerphilly First Responder’s group, where I met the rest of the team and they met me. Nice bunch of people, I’m really looking forward to the training now which starts next Sunday.

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