I was reading this at lunchtime today and it came to me why I don’t do the geeky things that I promise people I will do at home. Why my PC, despite having a bust motherboard, is still lying in pieces some 3 months after I took it apart. Why I have a server that hasn’t moved. Why I have an old laptop that’s got the approximate power of a 186 that’s heavily sedated that I use to talk on t’Interweb. It’s because I have no cave – I’m not comfortable in my computer room.

In Brunswick Street, I had my room downstairs with The Desk. Now, I like big desks. I like to have this bit here for typing on and that bit there for all my pet projects and that bit over there for my printers – oh and that bit over there for working on that bit of hardware that’s broken, and that bit there, well…that’s for anything else I might need some desk real estate for. So really, my ideal desk is this one. When we moved to London, I almost bought that one, but instead cobbled something together from 3 MFI desks that I had. It was big – two desks in an “L” shape with a third short piece to almost form a U. It filled what was the entire “living room” of that house. I would spend hours, days on end in there, geeking, chatting, doing things.

The house I live in now, I’ve had to use the third bedroom as a computer room. I’d prefer to use the second double, but as my tenant currently lives there, that’s not going to happen. So my current computer room is smaller than what I’m used to. On top of that I never really unpacked properly – I mean, I just performed the ultimate action of retail therapy – I bought a whole HOUSE! The toys, things that need doing…

On the bright side, now I realise what’s wrong, I can do something about it. I’ll chat with Sean tonight, he’s good with props and scenes on a stage, let’s see how good he is at a computer room reorganisation. I suppose what I really need is to get a big raise, so I don’t need a tenant, throw him out and use the back room as an “office”. Hrm.

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