It’s been a nice weekend. Sunday we decided to get a few things done, so I measured up the Window in the spare room and headed off to Ikea in the bay to pick up some blinds. We passed Pizza Hut on the way which prompted a typically-student-like response from Sean, so after mooching around Ikea for a bit, we headed out for a pizza. On the way, Sean got me worried.

“So there’s something I want to say. But I don’t actually want to say it.”
“Well, I don’t want to say it in case something goes wrong.”
“You know. Something about recent events. Your pager. It’s been a while.”

So that’s what he’s getting at. Yes, it had indeed been quiet recently. Typically then, halfway through our starters, I jumped a foot in the air as my hip started buzzing. Of course, I’d left my pager on vibrate…

“You had to say it didn’t you….”

So a few more messages later, we get the details. It’s a search for a missing 11-year old in Llanelli. Woo, home town. So we grab the pizza in a box and leg it. Making good time, we arrive in Trostre park and in my head I already have the route to the police station worked out. We pull in 2 cars behind alpha who’s driving without blues, unusually. As we approach a roundabout, I speed up, pull alongside on the roundabout as Alpha’s about to head off down to the docks, beep and wave “this way” to Mark, who’s driving. Up through town and we quickly get to the police station. We wander around Morfa for a few hours looking for this kid while Sean heads off with Bev in the Landy do assist, but there’s no sign of him and we get called back for a re-group and some food. So off we toddle to the chippy on Station Road. I’m all of 20 yds from the door when the pagers go off. Ooh, standdown I think.

Is it bollocks – I realise as our team comes running at me from the chippy. We leg it back to the police station and jump into vehicles. Back to Ystradfellte for another search. By the time we’re there, however, it’s all over and I grab my kit from Alpha before heading home – without doing much shopping.

It’s all Sean’s fault.

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