While up at base last night Mark and I were talking and he showed me a thank you letter we received from the family of the little girl in this callout. With the kind permission of the author, I’ll reproduce it here for your reading pleasure:

Hi Mark

I would like to thank you and the endless stream of people who came out to my niece Georgina on the 11th August. We are all so grateful to the team for the assistance they gave, really words just aren’t enough to thank you.

It was my sister, brother in law, niece and nephews first trip to Wales, indeed they had only just arrived at midday. They were camped at Pencelli campsite and we (my partner and I) were at Brynich, we were there for the Jazz Festival. Having come early we decided to make the most of our time and get out in the fresh air and do some walking, starting with the waterfalls walk. As my partner and I had been several times before we were very careful and warned the children and parents of the dangers, holding their hands and generally being taking as much care as was possible. We were having a lovely day, the children were thoroughly enjoying the walk and my partner was enjoying telling them how the area was formed over thousands of years. It was almost a perfect day, until Georgina turned to say something, let go of Simon’s hand, then went to carry on walking but took a step back…………. and the rest you know about. Sadly the next few seconds are so engraved in our minds, we are all suffering nightmares and flash backs – it was pretty horrific to see.

However Georgina is making a good recovery although it will be a few more weeks yet and she may even have to wear a back brace if it doesn’t heal correctly. The doctors have assured her parents that she will make a full recovery and of course we are all looking forward to that. We will also be coming back to Brecon next year so we can lay to rest the ghosts of this years camp and do some of the things we had planned, fortunately Georgina’s family have not been put off by the accident.

So that’s it, just wanted you to know the outcome and please, please pass on our sincere thanks to all who helped that day. You are all our Heroes. Thank you.

Sue – Georgina’s Aunty

Now that has really made my day. We occasionally get letters like this from family members of our casualties, and it really is what makes it all worthwhile. It also goes to show, that no matter how careful you are, accidents happen to the best of us.

One Response to “Thank you”

  1. mumsey_onroad says:

    Always nice to get some acknowledgement. Not that that’s the reason to do anything like this, but … it’s always nice to know your efforts aren’t completely unappreciated. And it’s always nice to find out what happens to those people with whom you’ve have fleeting contact at what is usually an immensely emotional time.

    (I’ll stop using the word ‘nice’ now …)