Well, it looks as though the gentleman we were looking for in Milford Haven has turned up, unfortunately dead.

We were searching in and around the area west of Hubberston. We’d had a positive sighting of him here, and Caroline and I were searching the area between the golf course and the LNG plant, and up to the road. Other teams were searching around here, and the police searched here, as well as various roads and paths around there. All of this was because the best information we had to go on placed a high probability of him being in that area.

From the BBC reports, it seems as though he was found “in woodland” near here, so according to that map[1], there could be three areas of woodland there. Interestingly, that places him quite a distance outside of our search area.

This whole callout has sparked a huge interest in me in search management – the skill of searching for missing people. I think I might talk to someone tomorrow night to see what resources I can absorb to get more information on this topic.

My thoughts are with his family right now. He was obviously loved dearly – a number of the family members joined the search efforts, and talking to local people the gentleman was well known and liked in the area.

[1] OS Maps are not always accurate, can be out of date, or just don’t have the space at that scale to show the detail.

One Response to “Milford Haven misper found dead”

  1. sean b says:

    a 19 year old boy with long brown hair and a black and gold no fear hoodie from milford haven has hung himself last nite i urge people to console his family this seems to be happening too often