So I’m trialling a Plus account for a while to see how offensive it is. If you have an opinion, let me know.


6 Responses to “Advertisements…”

  1. mumsey_onroad says:

    My account isn’t a plus account, so just reading entries isn’t an issue because they just show up on my friends page – sans ads. To make a comment, or read comments, the ads show up … but, I just make the window a wee bit smaller and the ads disappear off the edge.

    Doesn’t bother ME if you want to sell your soul to Google. 😉

  2. ziggadon says:

    Hey! His soul belongs to me, the Lord of Darkness.
    Wait, did I just give away my secret identity?

  3. mumsey_onroad says:

    I’m sure you have lots of ‘extra features’ too, Sean. But we won’t get into that here.

  4. bronchitikat says:

    Wondered what had happened when I read yr next entry!

    So _are_ the ‘benefits’ worth the shared soul?

  5. taffyboy says:


  6. taffyboy says:

    I’ll let you know. The extra features aren’t worth massive annoyance if the ads are very intrusive, so I’m just seeing how the ads go for now. I mean, it’s supporting LJ in a way that I can’t afford to do right now, so I’ll see how it goes.