Right, so despite my usual care, I was a very silly boy on the weekend. At Dad’s on both days, as I started work on the car the weather was very humid but mainly overcast. As both days wore on, the sun came out and I found myself sans shirt, up to my elbows in car and without sun tan lotion (Maryann took it to Ibiza with her). So yes I caught the sun. Quite a lot as it turns out – Monday and Tuesday were extremely painful, things have calmed down a lot by today. So some stuff on sunburn.

What is it?
 Sunburn is when the sun’s radiation damages your skin. The skin usually releases a pigment to protect itself in the sun which is what makes your skin brown. Everybody’s skin reacts differently. Sunburn is when the sun damages the skin – your skin goes red and stays hot even after you’ve moved from the sun. If the skin is merely red and sore, then it’s not serious[1], see treatment below. If however you get blistering, then you’ve damaged the underlying layer of skin which is now releasing fluid. Go see a doctor.

 Duh! Wear clothes or sun lotion. High SPF is best.

 First of all remove the heat source – cover up and put sun block on. There are various cooling lotions to help cool the skin, and you can take a cool bath or shower to help as well. The lotions will moisturise the skin as well because it will have dried out in the sun and it will feel as though it’s tightening and stretching. Keep the aftersun in the fridge for that added coolness, and look for one with antibacterial goop added if you do blister. Having said that if you blister, feel nauseous or get a headache, you should probably go see a doctor. You can take your analgesia of choice for the pain (Ibuprofen works well for me). Don’t drink alcohol, you’ll be dehydrating because of the sunburn, so drink plenty of water. Oh, and don’t pop the blisters. 🙂

Everyone’s probably talking this morning about the UK’s state of alertness, so I won’t. Only I have. Crap. Er, OK but I will mention the humour this morning on the radio station – a comment from a listener: “Does this finally mean that I have a valid reason to tell my wife to leave the kitchen sink behind when she’s packing?

[1] Cancer risks aside.

2 Responses to “Silly boy”

  1. bronchitikat says:

    Gosh, sun enough to get sunburn in Wales!!!!!! Hold the Front Page! 😉

    Meanwhile – remember to wear a shirt when working on yr car (yes, I know you know that one now!). Washing out oil etc is less hassle than 2 days sore back (minimum) (& you now know that too!)

    & is there really only one bottle of sunscreen available in the vicinity of yr Dad’s place?

  2. taffyboy says:

    The first day was fine, it wasn’t until the Sunday that we needed it. Of course, West Wales, Sunday…etc. 🙂