I dislike The Student Loans Company (SLC). While they do give a very low interest rate, I’ve found them to be bastards on the phone and extremely difficult to deal with. Today, I think I found a nice guy. They sent me a letter two days ago charging me £80 for being in arrears even though I’d already made arrangements to pay it off. So I called them…

Me: So I’ve made arrangements to pay it off already, so what’s this all about?
Agent: Oh, it’s not one charge it’s an accumulation of charges. So you want to bring your account current, it’s blah in arrears.
M: Yes, I know, I’ve already made arrangements to pay foo per month.
A: Yeah….do you want to pay it over three months? That’d be bar per month.
M: Er, sure. The last guy wanted it over two months, but three would be easier for me.
A: Ok, so that’s three monthly payments of bar+some.
M: I thought you said  bar per month?
A: Yeah…..er….I miscalculated…I was…well…some of the fees…..Look. If you you it off over three months, I’ll refund all of your fees. So that’s three monthly payments of bar in the first week of every month.
M: Sure, great. Thanks. *grin*

So what was that all about?!

One Response to “SLC being nice??”

  1. bronchitikat says:

    From what I’ve heard about his dealings with the SLC from Jon – they don’t know what they’re doing.

    For that matter, they sent us forms one year, as usual, which we duly filled in. Then they sent us more forms claiming to have lost the previous lot. Then they sent saying, “Don’t bother, we’ve found them.” *Relief* That was the year they ended up paying for Sept/Oct in January & everyone was down to their very last bean!