So the weather finally broke…after weeks of working in an office while the sun was shining, I’m due to spend the weekend marshalling cars at The Big Cheese, and it rains. Bloody typical.

So today was good fun as was last year, though there was some silly politics and general running around sorting things out. Rain made this year a lot quieter than last year, though the show looked like quite good fun. One of these days I’m going to have to take one of the Big Cheese days off so I can actually go and see what the show is all about. I wasn’t feeling particularly awake first thing as Mal had popped up on Friday night and we’d stayed up drinking Guinness until some silly time…worse than that however, was that he’d brought his mother’s sloe gin up with him…..and this is a good one. A very good one.

So, Saturday night, here we are again, sat in the house watching films – The Italian Job (the new one) and Firefox, an old classic; drinking Guinness and sloe gin, having eaten the really nice bit of fillet that Mal picked up and that we cooked on the grill outside. Gosh, but life can be so hard sometimes. *grin*

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