Hooray for CardGuard!

I’ve just had a telephone call, apparently someone dropped my keys into a letterbox and they’ve just arrived at their offices. Probably took Royal Mail a while to work out what to do with them…[1]

So the upshot of this is that on Monday, my keys will arrive at the office by Special Delivery. I’ll be back on the road, happy as can be, and about to buy a new keyfob so this doesn’t happen again.

Words cannot describe the relief I’m feeling right now.

[1] The CardGuard keyfob is a little metal thing with words along the lines of “If found, call <number> or when asked drop into any UK letterbox. <CardGuard’s Freepost address> <my reference number>” I think I’ll order some more of these next week along with some stickers.

8 Responses to “Back on the road…”

  1. malc says:

    Cool, what are the contact details for Card guard. I’m sold…


  2. malc says:

    Doh, just spotted the link…


  3. malc says:

    Say’s nowt about keys though…?

  4. alex_holden says:

    Can you get a spare immobiliser key once you have the original back?

  5. taffyboy says:

    Indeed, this is the plan. Getting a spare blipper will now cost me �50-ish rather than having to take a laptop to the damn thing and reprogramming the ECU.

    I will then have a full spare set of house and car keys so that the next time I lose my keys… 🙂

    Oh, and kudos, beer and karma to the person who picked them up and read the tag enough to drop them in the letterbox. I thank you, nameless stranger.

  6. taffyboy says:

    It’s a free extra. 🙂

    There are other places that do this kind of thing, I got one through free the other day, let me see if I can dig it up.

  7. doreo says:

    Hooray! 😀

  8. anonymous says:

    Perhaps you will turn up in the morning with a smile on your face rather than the slapped dap you’ve been sporting