Waiting for news
The police, team members, friends and
family all wait anxiously for the casualty
to arrive

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Friday, and a callout.

I’d left the office and picked up the minibus ready for picking up the cadets tomorrow morning. I was already on the way to pick Lynfa up when the pager went off – an area call for a lady with a broken leg – the RV was in Pont ar Daf. So I headed up to Merthyr.

With Lynfa in the minibus we headed up the A470 to the Pont ar Daf lay-by. The lady had fallen on the M4 – the main path up to Corn Du and the one visible in the background of this picture – Sean should recognise that path. With some 40 people responding, we decided to carry her the short distance down the path to the waiting county ambulance. As the pictures on my flickr site show, we only caught the tail end of it. There was an excellent turnout  as the pictures show with the vehicles parking in a long line.

The picture itself was taken right at the very end. You can see family and friends, members of the public, team members from the control vehicle and the police all watching as behind them you can see the group bringing the casualty down the footpath.

I am glad that I finally made it to a callout after the last few daytime callouts where I’ve not been able to attend. It’s been very frustrating and it was good to get out again. Hopefully, Jon and I can head out for some bimbling this weekend as well.

Right now, however, Lynfa is handing me a Guinness. Life is peaceful.

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