“Aled, foo’s site is down, it’s mysql refusing connections….”

WTF? So I go looking and sure enough foo’s mysql server has a load of 100% of which mysql is grabbing that almost exclusively. Disk space is fine, hrm, weird, what’s causing mysql to crap itself. Log in and check “show processlist”…wtf?

Yes, that’s about 50-ish queries trying to insert into the weblog table and one query running….”check table weblog”. Jim.

Me: Jim. You’re killing mysql.
Jim: What? No, I stopped weblog[1].
Me: Wanna bet on that?
Jim: …

So after killing mysql the nasty way we’re back up and running…one more bit of stress I could do without today.

On the bright side, universal joint on the propshaft is going to be cheaper than I thought to fix, so I’m looking at booking the Landy in next Monday. Dad is going to come and paper the spare room for me, so things are starting to get a little better.

[1] This is the application that doesn’t have a single on/off switch or any configurable items in the configuration files. Yet. Oh but it’s live already….

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