Several months ago:

Me: Don’t get harddrives with the server, Dell use Maxtors.
PHB: But they’re cheap….
ex-BOFH[1]: It’s ok, buy several of them, it doesn’t matter when they fail because they’re RAIDed….
Me: !
PHB: Where’s my credit card?

User: Moan, server foo is being crap…
Me. Let me see. Er, hrm. That’s odd. Oh shit.
Me: Hi PHB, remember I asked for disks some time ago and you said no? And remember how I said not to buy Maxtor disks? Well, the Maxtor disk in server foo is dying. Oh, and ex-BOFH set up the primary data partition as  RAID-0. Yes, striped. Of course it’s not backed up, it’s a development server, not a core server…

So I’m currently waiting for a courier to arrive. ex-BOFH suggested that we take a disk out of the RAID arrays in the Exchange servers to use temporarily. I think my exact reply was “Fuck off.” though I meant to say “Are you completely fucking insane?”. I believe I also said that breaking a working critical system to fix a broken development server is not happenning on my watch.

Joy, joy, joy.

[1] Was a BOFH. Is now a programmer. Very useful guy, has some odd ideas sometimes.

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